What is parent coaching

Do you often find yourself yelling at your kids? Do you tend to react to your child's behaviors with time outs, bribery, and threats of punishment? Do you feel exhausted and worn out by the end of the day? If you answered yes, then parent coaching may be for you. 

Do you feel connected with your kids? What would it look like if you were connected with your kids? Do you long for a stronger relationship with your kids? If you want to build a stronger relationship with your kids then parent coaching might be for you. 

Parents and Toddler

Discovery Session

30 minute video session to see if parent coaching is right for you. 



Family Unwrapping

60 Minute Session

Meeting 1:1 virtually on an as needed basis to work on issues important to your family. 


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Modern Family

12 Week Parent Course

Join me on a 12 week journey of transition. Through weekly 1:1 sessions and videos I will give you tools and strategies based on the principles of nonviolent communication, emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity 


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