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Passionate About Working with Parents

I am a certified parenting coach who loves working with and supporting parents of teens. My goal is to help parents develop more effective ways to parent their teens and help parents discover how their past can interfere with their parenting. 


Parenting the Peaceful Way was created to provide parents the skills needed to more effectively parent their teens. Coaching is a good way to develop these skills. I work with parents to discover who they are as parents (attachment and parenting styles) and how they can make small changes that will allow them to be more supportive of their teens as they navigate that major point in their lives. The teen years can be confusing and challenging. That is why I am here to help!


  • I am a Jai certified parent coach.


  • I have provided teen therapy for 10 years. 

  • I have worked with parents in the therapy realm on how they can better support their teens. 

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