My Story

I am Denise Takakjy. I am a child and adolescent therapist who has been providing mental health services to children and teens for the past 9 years. My master's degree is in clinical mental health counseling and I am a specialist in providing trauma services to children and teens. I am also a licensed behavioral specialist. 

I have worked with many parents and caregivers who struggle with connecting to their children. I love working with parents to first understand how they became the parents they are today and to they can make a shift in their mindset to bring the joy back to parenting. I help to empower parents to communicate their values to their family in a way that is collaborative and where everyone is heard. This allows the family to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and align the family with common goals, expectations, and values. This is not about how to force your child to behave, it is about creating an environment of alignment within the family. 


My Mission

My goal is to help parents be the best that they can be because I believe parents do the very best that they can. Through empathy and compassion and in a nonjudgmental way, I focus and listen to you, the parent. I listen to your unique challenges and concerns. I help you to discover the parent you are and the parent you want to be.  Together, we work together on shifting your mindset so that you can transform into a conscious and connected parent. I provide you with solutions for you to use when you have tried everything else. In the end, you will experience peace as a parent, enjoy connection with your children, and find cooperation within the family.