What Can Parent Coaching Do For You?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

At times, you get frustrated with your parenting.

At times, your child is not listening to you.

At times, you are challenged and upset with your child's behaviors.

At times, you wonder where the peace and cooperation have gone within the family. Perhaps it seems like it was never there.

You often feel that maybe you failed as a parent. Maybe others have made you believe this way about yourself.

Have you ever had any of these thoughts? Have you ever wondered how you can get you family back on track, especially after this year of COVID-19? Would you believe me when I tell you that you most certainly can?

Human beings are not perfect. Children do not come with owner's manuals and what may have worked when you were a child, doesn't seem to work with your own children. Perhaps your upbringing was not happy and you swore that you would raise your kids differently. There are those days when you believe that you have lost (or maybe not have found) the joy in being a parent. How can you make the needed changes so that your vision for your family is realized?

When something is not working for us, we need to make a change. So when the way parents are parenting their children is not working, change needs to happen. A shift in mindset needs to occur. Let me introduce you to parent coaching. As a certified parent coach, my role is to guide, facilitate, and, support parents as they work to transform themselves to be more conscious and mindful parents who are connected with their kids. I will teach you the skills that you need to bring more love, cooperation, and connection within your family and to bring more peace for yourself. As your guide, I will listen with compassion to your needs, provide you with new solutions when all you feel stuck, and help you move forward as you head for change. This is your opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

How does this transformation occur? I offer a program consisting of 12 individual live virtual sessions as well as comprehensive online learning modules in which we explore ways in which you can make shifts in your parenting which will bring peace to you and your family, a new sense of cooperation, and changes in your child's behaviors. Your frustration will decrease, there will be less conflict in the home, less yelling, and a new vision for your family. During our work, we will discover:

  1. How to become an empowered parent

  2. Attachment Science

  3. Nervous System Science

  4. Mindsight and Brain Science

  5. Emotional Intelligence

  6. Empowered conversations

  7. Establishing boundaries according to family values

  8. Exploring anger and healthy aggression

  9. Playful parenting and storytelling

  10. Your personal transformation

Let's get started. The transformation process begins with a FREE 30 minute discovery session where I will use empathy and compassion to learn about you and your needs as a parent. In a non-judgmental way, I will focus on you as a parent and what you need to transform yourself into the parent that you want to be.

Let's get started!

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